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Dr. Joseph E. Sanders Jr., Pastor 


Dr. Joseph E. Sanders, Jr., was born to Joseph Sr. and Ola Marie Sanders in LeCompte, Louisiana, June 23, 1949. He has three brothers Richard, Jessie, Stacy and a sister Rachel, who is deceased.

On October 19, 1969, he married Brenda Ann Edwards. They have been married for 32 years. To this marriage four children were born; Joseph Edward III, JoVetta Marie, JoMaine Edwin, and JoRhonda Michelle. Presently they have been blessed with three grandchildren (Isaiah Joseph, Jasmine Lourdes, and Jeremiah).

Eight months after his marriage, Dr. Sanders enlisted in the United States Air Force where he spent 22 successful years. Before retiring from the Air Force he received many decorations, commendations, honors, promotions and rewards for his many accomplishments.

Because of his upbringing, Dr. Sanders knew God, but did not confess/receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior until May 1977 in Lompoc, California, at True Vine Baptist Church while stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base. About 27 months after his conversion, September 1979, God called him into the ministry. At this time he prayed, studied the Word of God, and counseled with his Pastor, Rev. F. Wilson, Ph.D., for at least six months concerning this matter before he made a public announcement of his calling to the church. He was then licensed by the church.

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Pastor Sanders is a life-long learner who strives for selfdevelopment that will help him equip others. He has completed his second Ph.D., and is now working on a Doctorate of Ministry with Liberty University. He is a Licensed Professional Counsel and a National Board Certified Counselor. Dr. Sanders is currently employed at Pinecrest Developmental Center as the Director of Staff Training & Development. He currently holds the following degrees:

Ph.D. Louisiana Baptist University
(Psychology/Christian Counseling) GPA 4.0

Ph.D. The Graduate School Of America
(Adult Education)

D.Min Liberty University
(Currently enrolled)

New Orleans Baptist Theology Seminary
(Over 20 graduate semester hours in clinical counseling/psychology) GPA 4.0

MS Eastern Washington University
(Psychology/Counseling) GPA 3.5

MA Northwest Baptist Seminary
(Biblical Studies, GPA 3.7 Cum Laude, Certificate of Honor, Best Bible Scholar Old Testament & New Testament)

BS Southern Illinois University
(Vocational Education, GPA 4.0)

BA Saint Martin College
Psychology, GPA 3.8, Cum Laude)

AA University of Maryland
(General Education, GPA 3.4)

AS Community College of The Air Force
(Metal Technology)

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While obtaining these degrees, Dr. Sanders served as an Associate Minister at True Vine Baptist Church, Lompoc, California, Assn. Pastor at Central Baptist Church, Okinawa, Japan and Mount Olive Baptist Church, Tacoma, Washington. Dr. Sanders was called to the Pastor of Marantha Baptist Church, Tacoma, Washington, where he served for five(5)years. He is currently Pastor of New Morning Star Baptist Church. The Lord is truly blessing under his leadership. We are still growing spiritually, numerically, financially, and physically.

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In addition to the numerical growith, the ministry has expanded it's church building. Dr. Sanders has also lead us in developing a strategic plan with a mission, vision, and core value statements. He has innovativel used the computer and other electronical medium to establish other interactive sites to get the Word of God out in other locations such as Texas, Kansas, and as far as Colorado, to our other members. We have also obtained a website/webpage.

Dr. Sanders, has collobartelly implemented a Bible Insitute (Disciple Marker Training Insitute) in which our members can receive college credits. Dr. Sanders as a Pastor is totally subordinate to his Lord Jesus Christ: devoted to his family, committed to God's people, and professionally loyal to those who employ and trust in him.

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