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In the year of June 1949, Morning Star Baptist Church was established at 2903 Harris Street. The late Rev. Tom Shorter started a prepared service in his home with a few people. He believed it when Jesus said, “where two or three are gathered in my name there I am in the midst.”

Prayer services were moved shortly afterwards into a small building which was once a fish market. This building was located on Adams Court and then torn down to build a small-framed church. In 1969, the church was renovated. After, which the name was changed from Morning Star Baptist Church to New Morning Star Baptist Church. At this time the church still consist of only a few members under the leadership of Rev. Turner. Previous pastors of New Morning Star were: Rev. Tom shorter, Rev. Andrew Bell, Rev. T. H. Turner, Rev. C. King and Rev. Earl Williams. Many things wee accomplished under these ministries, but our greatest accomplishments have been under the leadership of our present Pastor, Dr. Joseph E. Sanders, Jr. The Lord is still blessing us under his leadership.

We are still growing spiritually, numerically, financially, and physically. We have completed several building expansions/renovations, purchased and another new van and the choir has acquired choir robes. In addition to this, we are using computers/teleconference to minister to members and others. Our ministry is constantly collaborating with other Christian Colleges and Universities in order to provide scholarly/theological Christian Education for the members who are interested in learning more about the Word of God.

New Morning Star is a Bible Institute and classes are being held on Friday nights ranging from: Greek, biblical Studies and Systematic Theology Classes (Ecclesiology, Sortiology, Hermeneutics) Finance etc., these classes Can be taken for college credits or for personal spiritual guidance of our Pastor, Dr. Sanders. It is our prayer to continue to enhance the quality of the ministry by offering and creatively using all the media and technology available to fulfill the Lord’s Commission (Matt. 28:19-20)in other parts of the WORLD.